Baren's bamboo skin rewrapping service


Description of item

This is a service to replace the bamboo skin covering your baren. We will replace the bamboo skin surrounding the baren for $22 per baren.

Please send your baren to us. We will replace the torn bamboo skin of the baren you send us and return it to you.

ZIP/Post code : 1770044

Address:1-11-9 , Kamisyakujii , Nerima-ku , Tokyo , Japan

*If you wish to use this service, we recommend that you apply for it together with other products you plan to purchase. However, if you apply using this method, all items will be shipped in the same package after the customer receives the baren and the exchange is completed, so it will take longer to ship than a normal order.

*Please include a letter stating that you have applied for the Baren bamboo skin exchange service, as well as your name, phone number, and address, in the package you are sending the Baren to.

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