Maru-Hake (Brush for professional used) 45mm Square


Description of item

*Please select the desired finish for the ends of your hair.
Sander down finish (machine finish)
Shark skin finishing (manual finishing)

The hair is carefully selected and strong, and uses a horse mane. Transparent urethane coating to prevent cracks and stains on wood.

Please wait a few days to a week for the ends of your hair as they will be trimmed after you place your order.

Note: Although the wood is treated with a water-repellent coating, it is a natural material and may crack depending on how it is used.
Please do not add moisture to the wood suddenly or dry it quickly.
Because it is natural wood, cracks may occur due to expansion and contraction.
This is not a defective product, so please do not return or exchange it after use.

Trimmed with sharkskin
How to soften hair ends:
shark skin trimming
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